Available for all AC/EC Fan Coils products.

BV03 series ball valves are widely used in central air-conditioning cool/heat water system. It can accurately control the flow of cool/heat medium depending upon the requirements of the given application, and can not result in sudden change of temperature and to control the room temperature accurately.
The valve is driven by bi-directional motor, which is connected with the floating thermostat by common, open and close terminals. The floating thermostat will continuously collect the data and make processing, and send out control signals to operate or stop the motor so as to modulate angle of the valve. Then the chilled/hot water will enter into the fan coil, and cool/heat air will be supplied to the room. When the room temperature reaches the set point, the thermostat will make the valve power off. So the opening angle of the valve will be always at the best state, and the room temperature will be kept within the set range of the thermostat.
·Well waterproof and dustproof features (IP65)
·Actuator can not be affected by temperature of valve and environment
·Quick and easy replacement of moving actuator
·The actuator can be installed after the application and pipe was fixed that is efficient for installation
·Valve can be mounted near to wall because of actuator’s off-center configuration
·Valve can be operated by general tools when actuator has been removed
·The actuator is available for all of 1/2″-1” ball valves
·Actuator installation allows for 2 different wiring orientations, thus providing ease of wiring and service
·High Differential pressure up to 1MPa and strict closure
·High flux and no sediment due to direct flow through of valve
·Soft shut-off and open, to eliminate water hammer in most applications
·Motor don’t bear any forces when valve is not in motion, extending service life