RCS article at EXPOCLIMA

During MCE, EXPOCLIMA stopped by our stand to learn more about our Residential Comfort System. This month, they have published an article in their website talking about it.

You can check it out by clicking on the following link:

Pompa di calore con inverter, fan coil e scambiatore di calore: Sonkor presenta la sua gamma di terminali idronici

You can find the English translation below:

"Sonkor Global HVAC Solutions, a Chinese company with offices in Spain and the United States they presented, during MCE 2016 edition, their complete Eurovent certified (for performance and sound) range of hydronic fan coils.

They also presented their Residential Comfort System (RCS), a residential package which integrates the following product modules:

• A new Inverter Heat Pump (PiHP) reverse-cycle air-to-water heat pump fitted with DC inverter-driven compressor, EC fan and EC pump with low energy consumption. The inverter technology continuously controls the compressor speed to ensure perfect adaptation to system load, modulating the heating or cooling capacity delivered, and consequently reducing power consumption. The PiHP offers the highest seasonal coefficients currently available on the market. The incorporated EC fan is controlled by high/low pressure transducer. The integrated EC pump is controlled by water temperature difference between water inlet and outlet. The EVI Compressor technology allows domestic hot water temperatures to reach up to 140°F / 60°C, under extreme outdoor conditions.

• A floor heating module,

• A complete range of EC fan coils, result of over 20 years’ experience. Today, Sonkor has the strongest and widest range of fan coils  with 1800 different models and sizes. Sonkor specifies all their products according to each market requirements (Eurovent, AHRI, District Cooling), and at every voltage demanded (110V- 60HZ /220V 50 & 60Hz).

• A fresh air energy heat exchanger (PiAIR-HR) that has a high efficiency heat pump system, which absorbs the energy contained in the exhaust air and transfers it to the fresh air. In addition to recovering heat from the exhaust air, the air renewal unit also generates an optimum amount of energy to supply to the building in winter and summer.

• ECO Control System RCS Manager, an integrated system capable of operating with maximum efficiency all elements of the system. The RCS Manager control system is capable of controlling temperature, humidity, air quality, and domestic hot water. In addition, the RCS Manager together with one or more zone managers has the capacity to control lights, security systems, and electrical outlets for on/off applications.

• A domestic hot water module.

The company continues to invest in research and development of new hydronic products, some of which will be launched to the market during 2016."