Sonkor Global HVAC Solutions is a company that specializes in developing and producing professional HVAC solutions to worldwide markets.

With over 30 years in the international HVAC business, our main customers have always been major factories worldwide with Europeans being the largest ones. We also have a number of major distributors but it is the factories over the years that have lead us to develop strong and competitive product ranges, built to reach the highest quality standards.

Our company has a multilingual and multicultural 13 people member team,  offering personalized, efficient, and dedicated support worldwide, with offices in Europe, USA and China, and our headquarters based in Hong Kong.

We are conscious that our customers are the most valuable part of our business, so we focus on giving the service and the product quality that exceeds their expectations, with integrity, professionalism, and a customer oriented approach.

We provide the specialized knowledge and relationships to overcome the challenges that many times foreign companies face operating in unfamiliar environments, always focused on getting optimal results, delivered on time and to the required technical specifications.

We are Eurovent and HARDI member.


Experience More than 25 years working closely with the main manufacturers and distributors in the industry, focused on getting our customers the results they want, delivered on time and to their technical specifications. We also handle supply chain management with great efficiency and professionalism.
Technology Highly professional and competent after sales support to attend any technical requirement, together with supportive and professional technical and commercial documentation to increase the added value of our HVAC solutions.
Customizing We study and understand your specific requirements, which together with our specialized knowledge and worldwide relationships, will help you get the optimal solution that satisfy your particular market needs.
World Market With multinational and multilingual customer oriented teams, we offer personalized, efficient and same time global support with offices in China, Europe and America. We are currently present in more than 22 countries, where we have developed strong partnerships.