Our thermostats offer multiple configurations and funcionalities in the same product, increasing flexibility and choice for installation at competitive cost levels.

The STCD Thermostat FCU Controllers have been developed to offer an attractive range of thermostat devices with the functionality required for the International market with a wide selection of product outlooks and levels of technology.

All models are available with 2-pipe / 4-pipe and DA / DB version configurations selectable onsite or at the point of distribution, external window contact functionality, 2-way BMS communication and IR handset functionality.5 or 7 days on/off cycle timer programs. All models are available with remote sensor functionality, auto-changeover, pre-/post-cooling and heating protection, or remote air sensor functionality, all selectable at the point of distribution or onsite. Models available for both surface and flush with all socket applications, with relay controller for high power fan coil units and there is also a LCD Touch screen interface model available.

All LCD models can use a customized overlay or display color.